If there is an organizational function that needs to be rated as the most critical, then it is the selling function and the characteristics of good salesperson. It is undoubtedly one of those functions that keep a business enterprise alive and active. It is a source of the revenue that is needed to run the enterprise.

The staff entrusted with the duty to deliver on this function should therefore be those with the most potential. The management of a business enterprise should always understand the importance of selecting an effective sales team. For them to do so, they have to be well aware of the essential qualities of a good sales representative.

Below Are The Characteristics Of Good Salesperson

  1. They Should be passionate about selling

Passion is the special interest that one has in a venture. It is one of the necessary strengths of a salesperson. It is mainly responsible for initiating and sustaining action. Passionate salespeople set high targets, work very hard to achieve them and at the same time build long term relationships.

Their main interest is to make a change in the lives of their target customers. Their entire career is characterized by excellent sales performance.

As one of the qualities of salesmanship, passion arises from the love that the salesperson has for the organization they work for. With it, the salespeople act as the cheerleaders of their organizations. It is definitely one of those important traits of a good salesman.

2. They should be upbeat

Great salespeople are never discouraged by a “no” response for their offer. The negative response may be taken for the moment while remaining optimistic for a positive response in the near future. This quality calls for a strong positive attitude and determination to push on. Giving up is not an option at any given time.

They need some level of resilience that enables them to bounce back after a dry spell. They always find innovative methods to turn things around. To exhibit this characteristic, one needs a number of important sales skills. Personality traits of a successful salesperson also count in developing an upbeat character.

3.They should be tech-savvy

Embracing new technology is one of the most trending strives across careers. It is a source of significant competitive advantage that every organization desires for its survival. This is probably one of the most essential skills of a sales person. Great salespeople update themselves on the latest technological trends in their career.

They always ensure they are ahead of the game by educating themselves on technology relevant to their market trends, products, sales tools and competition. Technical skills contribute a great deal to what great salespeople do. Technology has the potential of expanding an organization’s customer base significantly. It enables salespeople to access real-time as well as remote clients.

  4. They should be goal oriented

Salespeople who are able to set both personal and professional goals are definitely destined for success. Being very clear on what they want to accomplish and by when this should be done is a booster for their success. They should have different strategies for achieving short term as well as long term goals.

The long term goals in particular require focus, ambition, persistence, patience and their hard work. The ability to set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound goals is one of the skills to be successful in sales.

  5.They should be ingenious

Ingenuity is also one of the best qualities of a salesperson. Successful salespeople are creative and they strive to find unique ideas that help in solving the problems of their customers. They have the ability to think differently from the masses and they are also blessed with excellent analytical abilities. These are people who are outstanding in their resourcefulness and they always make the best use of whatever is in their disposal.

  6.They should be highly engaged

Great salespeople ensure that they are part of everything that takes place in their organization. They have special love for their job and interact very well with their colleagues. They have a strong believe in the product that they are selling. They promote it with utmost motivation and conviction.

Also, they are participative. They always part of their organization’s training programs, market assessments and surveys. Additionally, they emulate their leaders and make sure they exploit the full potential of the resources at their disposal. In the process of interacting with others, the salespeople learn how to be a good salesperson tips.

  7.They should be relationship driven

Effective salespeople engage very well with different customers and are able to adjust favorably to their various needs. They are out to accommodate both the actual and the potential clients. They don’t surrender on those who may reject their offer. They always reach out to them again and again until they get converted to actual clients. On the other hand, they keep assisting those who have already bought their product.

The ultimate aim is to establish a good and long lasting relationship with all of them. Great salespeople understand the importance of nurturing trust and customer satisfaction. They do thorough follow up so as to maintain the contacts already established. Their charming knowledge and personality makes a whole difference.

Putting it in other words, great salespeople love to network. Networking is some sort of a medium on which the relationships are built. They get engaged in their community and develop many productive business relationships.

  8.They should be empathetic

Great salespeople understand that empathy together with compassion are the essentials of great customer service. They have to feel what their customers actually feel. They have to set up a customer feedback system and then listen carefully to their customer responses. Good salespeople try to understand their customers by putting themselves in their shoes.

They do this from a neutral point of view and with an independent mind. This enables them to understand the customers better and to engage with them accordingly and to their full satisfaction. This has also been found to be one of the important qualities of salesmanship.

  9.They should be well prepared

Good salespeople prepare thoroughly for their sales assignments. Otherwise, it would not be easy for them to attract customers and manage to convince them to buy the products on offer. It is therefore necessary that the salespersons undertake a lot of research for them to execute pitches effectively and with the required amount of confidence. Preparation is a vital part of what makes a good salesperson.

An effective sales team would consider all the resources available for it to design the best possible methods of pitching to their various clients and to customize their offers accordingly. There is no beating about the bush about products and services on offer, but deliver value through a conversational approach free from any jargon. This therefore is another important requirement on what makes a successful salesperson.

  10.They should be accountable

Accountability is one of the important attributes of a successful salesperson. Great salespeople take full responsibility for what they do. They do not push blame to others in such a way that can affect results. They are ready to completely own their work and the manner in which it is done with due dignity and respect.

They are ready for both positive and negative results and to hold themselves accountable for the same. However, they always remain optimistic for a better position in the future.A debate on the characteristics of a salesperson can be long. This is because of the fact that there cannot be an exhaustive list of qualities of a great sales representative.

It is worth acknowledging that the keys to being a successful salesperson vary from one individual to another and from one context to another. Since it is not possible to standardize the characteristics of salesmanship, it is only fair to have a summary of those characteristics associated with successful sales professionals.

These include the ability to listen, empathy, hunger for good sales numbers, competitiveness, ability to network, confidence, enthusiasm, resilience, multitasking skills, honesty, curiosity, adaptability, good communication skills, persistence, passion, tenacity, thoroughness, understanding of value, ambition, charm, imagination, patience, initiative, independence, commitment among several others.

It is certainly a comprehensive sample of what makes an effective salesperson. The qualities that make a good salesman can be derived from various sources. Some of the sales traits for successful sales may be acquired through training where as others are salesman personality traits.

As much as it is important to select a sales team with the right natural personality traits, it is equally important to subject the salespersons to regular training. This would ensure that the existing skills and traits are sharpened and at the same time new qualities are acquired.

The efforts of the management should be focused on maintaining a set of characteristics of a good sales representative that can enable a business enterprise to attain the highest level of competitiveness in the market.

This would ensure that the existing skills and traits are sharpened and at the same time new qualities are acquired. The efforts of the management should be focused on maintaining a set of characteristics of a good sales representative that can enable a business enterprise to attain the highest level of competitiveness in the market.