The social media emerged as the best platform to communicate with the mass. It is omnipotent and is taking over the globe. It is creating a hurricane effect in the society. Nevertheless the advent of social media is at its peak and there are deliberate specifically designed trends that are shaping the social media. The year 2017 witnessed a handful of trends that moulded the social media market. The business sector is highly pumped up due to the social media trends. Thus, the social media trends for business are captivating the media market. This insights will update you with latest social media trend in the market.

The year 2018 will witness future of social media trends. These trends are highlighted in social media owing to their unique features and properties. The effects of social media trends are spreading like forest fire.  Trend analysis is explicitly designed to shape the social media. It is possibly the best weapon one can take over to thrive away the problems existing in the society. In order to overcome these, various trends should be implemented. Even the media industry is sceptical and employs trends that glorify the industry. So, it can be considered that social media trends by industry are quite popular in the long run. Therefore the top trends in 2018 that will shape the social media go like this.


The Latest Social Media Trends

Latest Social Media Trend

10. Preferable Measurement

One of the preferred topics of today’s World is ‘Measurement’. This trend will blow away the media market in 2018. Marketers will now have a scope to come out of their shells and get accustomed to emerging trends. Traditional metrics system for marketing is evolving out as a newer concept to measure their work. The business value for social media will hype up the marketers and will be the best add on to the bottom line of the business. This can be a perfect example of ‘social media trends for businesses’.

09. Instagram stories

Few months back the option of adding stories had been introduced in three social media platforms namely – facebook, instagram and whatsapp. Out of these three the instagram stories have gained the most popularity. Instagram stories are the latest trend that can create a sensation in the social media in the year 2018. There are 200 million people around the globe who are instagram users and access the stories option to share their daily thoughts, moments and pictures. Each month millions of instagram stories block the traffic. The year 2018 will witness intensive use of the stories option. Instagram users should know how to use the stories option and generate traffic on that basis. It can preferably be the future of social media trends.

08. Live Streaming

The social media trends are becoming stronger day by day. The introduction of live streaming facilities in platforms like facebook and twitter had created a different craze in social media. Live streaming is getting popular in the social media. One of the best trends one could opt for in order to shape the social media. The year 2018 will have remarkable impact in live streaming of videos. Nowadays, several brands and products are switching to live streaming option to launch or promote their brands. Facebook live streaming is getting viral in the field of social media. Till date millions of users have used this option. The social media trends for business can grow with this trend.

07. Twitter

Twitter was introduced ten years ago but initially it lost relevance to branding and marketing. As a result measures have been implemented to regenerate this social media platform and the first step taken for that is the increase in the number of characters used. It gradually evolved as an Online Response Management (ORM) to channelize the brands. It can be a PR strategy incorporated by Twitter to act as a liaison between different brands and customers. It also acts as a grievance addressal mechanism for several organizations namely – Railways, Indian Oil Corporations Ltd., etc. Twitter handling should be done wisely and witty users should deal with it. The effects of social media trends are roaring through this platform.

06. Pop up blogs

The pop up blogs are quite popular in the present time. Social media encounters a great traffic owing to this pop up blogs. They have the ability to shape the social media. Such trends lead to a greater aspect of social media priorities. Often you will find them useless or it will hinder your smooth way through social media. Pop up blogs emerge automatically in the social media sites and the end of this year will witness more such traffic. Social media trend analysis can be done greatly through pop up blogs.

05. Whatsapp

Whatsapp is preferably one of the best chatting apps but gradually due to its easy handling and communication facilities it can be used as a platform to establish business affairs. Thus it proves to be one of the best social media trends for business. Thus the effects of social media trends are engulfing the globe and whatsapp is a perfect example for this. You can easily circulate meaningful messages or business related deals through whatsapp. It can be correctly termed as the future of social media trends. It had got encryption facilities that can let your details secured and provides authentication.

04. Web content writing

The web content writing has become popular with the growing of time. The era of 2018 will witness an evolution in writing that will influence and shape the social media industry. Content writing has become a powerful portal to convey ideas and communicate thoughts. The idea of web content writing is a recent concept and possibly one of the best effects of social media trends. The social media trends by industry such as web content writing shapes the social media really well.

03. Online shopping

Online shopping portals proved to be the best social media trends for businesses. They have spread business over the social media platforms that hold upon the reach and frequency of such portals. It can be one of the best social media trends for business and can be a parameter for social media trend analysis. Online shopping portals are the newer trends being introduced in the social media that can correctly shape it. Social media platforms such as facebook, instagram, etc. hold upon advertisements and promotions of online shopping. Access to online shopping is just few fingertips away.

02. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best problem solving apps and generate ideas that you want badly. Such modern trend is the best one to penetrate in the social media market. Pinterest is extremely popular within few days of its social media introduction. The social media trend analysis is done best through ‘Pinterest’. You can get ideas and thoughts of whatever you like to access. It carved out a niche in the social media market that let the business to grow. Till date ‘Pinterest’ had millions of users and this will contribute to the shaping of the social media. The year 2018 will experience a new drive in the social media market. Using of ‘Pinterest’ gives one of the best effects of social media trends.

01. Facebook

The best social media platform for communication and interaction is none other than Facebook. It not only socialised people but also provided handful of features to shape the social media. Undoubtedly Facebook is one of the best social media trends for business too. With each passing day Facebook is introducing new features and contributing for the polishing of social media. Facebook can easily compete with Google and can be the best app and service delivered so far. Facebook has its pros that grabbed the attention of the users. A survey showed that 8 out of 10 people are addicted to Facebook. Facebook has got intensive followers and users. The Facebook pages also contribute to the emerging trends of social media. It is really easy to handle and use Facebook; no hindrances are on its way.

Latest Social Media Trend

Final Words

These top trends in 2018 shapes the social media pretty well. This era of newer trends and features are captivating and carve out the social media platform as per the needs. The social media is 24×7 in the minds of the users. Accessing to these trends is just fingertips away. As things are getting digital, this advent is making it a success. There are other features and trends that are processing and developing gradually and by the end of this year may probably be in the limelight.

Trends change with course of time; same is in the case of social media. Trends have proved that social media can be tapered and shaped with its attributes. The social media is aggressive as well as persuasive so are its trends. The social media trends by industry are by far the best techniques to carve the social media. However wilfully these trends should be operated to avoid any ambiguity and will continue facilitating benefits. The globe is hoping for more trends on the way to shape the social media positively. More inventions should be made and trending concepts should be introduced to ensure a perfect social platform.