Netflix is a global leader in the entertainment industry and Netflix Competitors are growing rapidly. From the time it was founded in 1997, it has had a significant impact in the industry with good quality services offered to its customers. Netflix specializes in the provision of video-on-demand and streaming media services. It capitalizes on the use of DVD, mail, and the internet. It has also stormed the TV and film production industry.

Netflix operates in more than 190 countries. It has released more than 120 original films and series. This has made Netflix to distance itself from its competitors. In the recent past, the entertainment industry has witnessed an influx of film production companies that have provided stiff competition to Netflix.

The Following Are The Top 15 Netflix Competitors

Sling Orange TV-:

Sling is one of Netflix’s key competitors. It is a rebranded entertainment platform that was formerly called Dishworld. Sling’s popularity has been boosted by its relatively low pricing. For instance, a monthly subscription of $20 enables customers access most of the well-known cable stations such as AMC, ESPN, Disney, and TBS. The channels that are not offered under the subscription are usually accessible via package add-ons for another $5 each. Premium cable channels are available at a standard price of $15 .

One thing that qualifies Sling as one of Netflix key competitors is the way it enables its users to customize their experience. Users can sort out the content that is not appealing to them to make it more personalized at a reasonably lower price.

Curiosity Stream-:

This is possibly one of the least known streaming services on the list of Netflix current competitors. This is because they are relatively new in the market. This service is related to the Discovery Channel that specializes on documentaries. It is rather disadvantaged because it lacks the support of the main corporate players in its efforts to position itself in the market.

Despite this challenge, Curiosity is known to offer a special experience and its delivery is accurate. All kinds of documentaries are available to subscribers at a standard monthly price of $6 and a premium price of $11. Curiosity’s content is known to be intelligent and professional.

WWE Network-:

This product targets wrestling fans. It is one of Netflix brand competitors with a constant improvement. This service has been dominant in the market to an extent that it came to be called the “Netflix of Wrestling.” Its price is as low as $10 per month inclusive of a non-tier system that can be cancelled at any time.

The good news about the network is that all the pay per views, which were previously, priced at a minimum of $40 each on cable, have now been included.


This entertainment service focuses on sports. It is one of the major sources of league soccer. It is also one of Netflix biggest competitors because soccer is a very popular sport globally. The service offers 12 channels that cover eight leagues in addition to many niche sports channels that are dearly loved by fans of non-American sports.

It also offers some of the popular basic cable stations. If you do Netflix competitors comparison, you will notice that the price of FuboTV is one of the highest at $50 per month for premier access.


This streaming service is one of Netflix direct competitors because it specializes on music videos and live performances. It offers a variety of streamlined searches and it has deals with big record companies. This ensures that the latest videos from top artists are always available.

The mobile app for IOS, Android, Kindle, and others accommodates 50,000 videos and performances from more than 7,500 artists. For Vevo to attract big advertisers, it ensures that much of its content is censored. This improves the quality and volume of their content. Vevo spices up its offer with commercial advertisements that come up after every five or so videos. Their offer positions them as one of the best Netflix competitors.

Sony PlayStation Vue-:

This can be considered as one of Netflix ultimate beastmaster competitors. The service can be accessed at a wide range of prices from $40 to $75 per month. Consequently, subscribers experience a variety of services ranging from hit movies to TV shows. It is worth noting that Sony does not have a deal with Viacom. This denies subscribers the opportunity to watch such channels as Spike, MTV, and Comedy central.

Sony’s subscription price can be as low as $15. The highest priced package comes with free subscription to Showtime and HBO. It offers more local channels than Netflix and their competitors. This service can enable you have five streams running at the same time, something that you cannot get with its competitors. This makes Vue claim a reasonable part of Netflix and competitors market share.


This site offers solid content free of charge. It has a nice array of shows to choose from. Crackle has more than 150 movies and over 40 series to watch. Users may have to bear with advertisements usually associated with free services. The interface is easy to use and it has categories such as “80s Throwbacks” and “Award Winning Documentaries”. You will also find some original content with Crackle. It enjoys some portion of Netflix competitors market share.


Crunchyroll has set itself as the best service for hardcore anime fans. Users can access their vast library at a monthly subscription fee of $7 or $11. Prospective subscribers expect to be served with an all-in-one package without advertisements. They can also get special discounts on DVDs and other products on a daily deal program. To wrap it up, it supports an ever growing library of manga.


This streaming service has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. Subscribers pay $10 monthly for an individual plan and $15 monthly for a family plan. Itunes is very accessible, and one of the most user friendly systems. It excites users with top shows and some of the latest movies. Itune extra purchases come with bonus features and there is a deal for students charged at $5 only.

DirecTV Now-:

DirectTV has improved greatly despite facing technical problems earlier on. It now provides four different tier packages priced monthly at $35, $50, $60, and $70 for tiers 1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively. There are premium cable channels that are offered cheaply as separate add-ons for higher packages. These include HBO and Cinemax. DirectTV also offers discounted rates to users who are already members of AT&T’s $90 a month unlimited data plan. This service can be streamed on most devices.


This is one of the most popular sites on the internet. It dominates Netflix competitors market share. Despite YouTube TV being relatively new, it offers streaming top quality customer satisfaction at $35 a month. It allows six separate logins and three simultaneous streams.

It also has four ESPN channels. The service is on iOS and Android devices. YouTube is capable of becoming a tough player in the streaming market in the near future.

Amazon Prime Instant Video-:

Amazon entered the streaming market quickly with a video service subscribed to Amazon Prime. Its service is priced at $99 annually. Its videos provide top level programming and they can be downloaded for offline use. This makes it a great deal for users. Amazon provides an impressive content that targets both adults and children. Some of its shows in the Netflix library rank at them top and appeal tom users in all age brackets.

HBO Now-:

HBO is a giant in home entertainment. It offers the best and most popular films. The monthly subscription is $14 for everything in their offer. HBO’s competitive advantage is its original programming. It is the very best. It is a mix of new shows such as Game of Thrones and Westworld and past shows such as The Sopranos, The Wire, True Detective among other great shows. HBO also has very good documentaries, sports, and comedy.

Showtime Anytime-:

This streaming service comes second to HBO in terms of premium cable standings. It offers the best premium movies and original TV at a monthly fee of $11. Some of the popular shows hosted here include Shameless, Homeland, and Twin Peaks.

Showtime also hosts some of the best sports and documentaries. It has great film access and the fastest premier top movies available cheaply at $9 monthly. The emphasis here is quality rather than quantity. This service would easilly feature in Netflix comparison to competitors.


Hulu has branded itself as the TV equivalent of Netflix. Its subscribers have access to on-demand content and several original shows. The subscription fee for Hulu live TV has been $40 a month for a very generous amount of shows. Hulu live has an interface which is very easy to use and fantastic to boot. Subscribers can easily filter out channels and shows with the help of an excellent personalization system. It has the most comprehensive channel service on the list.

There is doubt that there are many serious competitors in this industry. Netflix advantage over competitors is probably the large number of new and original TV shows. This has boosted Netflix revenue compared to competitors by a big margin, putting it on top of the market.