Bicycles are in common use all over the world. They are easy and convenient to use. They are also relatively cheap compared to other types of vehicles. Bicycles can be used as a means of transport, for leisure, and also for physical exercise. There are many best bicycle brands available in the market. They vary in terms of price, style, durability, and aesthetics among other features. There is always a type of bicycle brand in the market for everyone. The factors that usually inform brand selection include style, one’s budget, strength or durability; aesthetics as far as color and taste preference are concerned.

A sample list of the best bicycle brands in the market is as follows:

1. Giant-:

This is one of the best bicycle brands in the market at the moment. It is also the most common and the most demanded bike in the market. It is produced by the Taiwan based Giant Manufacturing Company which also has manufacturing plants in the Netherlands and China. The manufacturing company has a chain of more than 12,000 retail outlets distributed in more than 50 countries. This brand is therefore among the world’s top bicycle brands by sales. The company’s average annual revenue is over a billion dollars.

2. GT Bikes-:

GT Bikes are also among the top bicycle brands in the world. They are famously produced by the Santa Ana Company, based in Califonia USA. The brand was founded by Richard Long and Gart Tumer in 1972. The bikes are manufactured in three varieties namely road bikes, BMX bikes, and mountain bikes. This brand is the industry benchmark because of its unique triple triangle design. This uniqueness has made it one of the best selling bicycle brands in the market.

3. Santa Cruz-:

Santa Cruz also ranks among the top bicycle brands worldwide. The brand was founded by Rich Novak and Roskopp Rob in 1993. This brand is known to be among the high-end bikes in the industry due to its high-class performances. It launched its first product in 1994 which featured full suspension and 3-inch travel pivot design. The brand is designed to make pedaling easy and less tiring especially when climbing hills. The manufacturer is based in Califonia USA and is known to produce affordable and top quality bicycle brands.

4. Trek-:

This is a US brand produced by Trek Bicycle Corporation. The company was started in 1976 in Waterloo, Wisconsin. Trek is deemed to be the largest bike brand based in the US. In fact, it is deemed to be the world market leader in the industry. Presently, the company does most of its production from outside the US. Different styles of the Trek brand hit the market at different prices.

The brand is differentiated in such a way that it appeals to men, women, and children. DreamBikes, Bontrager, and Electra are sister brands to Trek. The brand is popular for its durability and it sells its products in the market under various brand names such as Gray Fisher, Electra Bicycle Company, Klein and Diamant Bikes.

5. Specialized-:

This is another American bicycle brand that is considered to be among the best bicycle brands to buy. The manufacturer specializes in manufacturing bicycles and bicycle parts. The brand has entrenched its popularity in the sporting industry to the extent that at one time it was used by five Olympians to compete in the Olympics. No other brand has ever recorded such a high level of preference. This proved that the brand is superior and enjoyable to use. If you were to start a bicycle adventure today, this would be the best brand to go for.

6. Cannondale-: 

This is another top-rated bike brand that was developed in the 1970s. Initially, the company that produces the brand did not produce bikes. It was producing bike trailer, accessories, and apparel. The first Cannondale bike, which was a touring model, was produced in 1983. It was followed by a racing bike in 1984. The brand has so far been diversified to include mountain bikes, road bikes, and e-bikes. This bicycle brand is known to be priced higher than most of the other brands available in the market.

7. Marin Bikes-:

For a long time, this has been considered to be among the best bicycle brands in the USA. It was founded in 1986. The manufacturer which is based in Marin County in the State of Califonia has been designing, manufacturing and selling top quality bicycle brands. The largest proportion of its production is mountain bikes. The manufacturer is reputed for some of the most premium priced bikes in the industry.

8.Yeti Cycles-:

Yeti Cycles is another formidable force to reckon with in the bicycle industry. The cycles are top quality and their use has proved the test of the times. The manufacturer uses Zeroloss Technology design which gives its customers easy wheel alignment bikes. This is the feature they need most during mountaineering. The brand utilizes the services of creative designers to come up with a competitive taste of mountain bikes.

9. Kona Bicycles-:

This brand is relatively new. It was founded by Dan Gerhard and Jacob Heilbron in 1988. Kona is famous for being the first company to make a straight leg mountain bike production fork.

Kona now has 10 versions of the fork, produced for mountain bikes and asphalt bikes of different sizes. The brand had initially concentrated on the production of mountain bikes, but it now makes many different bicycle styles such as road bikes and cyclocross bikes. The price range for this brand of bicycles is from a few hundred dollars to over $5,000.

10. Merida Bikes-:

These bikes are manufactured by Merida Industry Company Limited. The company was founded in 1972 during the bikes revolution era, and it is based in Taiwan. The company was founded by Ike Tseng, and its annual production is approximately 2.2 million bikes. It is supported by an R&D arm based in Germany. The bicycle brand is marketed in about 77 countries. This brand is well-known for its premium prices, stylish designs, and the way it promotes convenience.

11. Bianchi-: 

This is another Italian product credited to the list of the oldest bicycle brands in the world. It was founded by a 21-year-old Edoardo Bianchi in 1885. For the most part of the 20th century, Bianchi cycles were used in many major cycling tournaments, which is often won. Currently, Bianchi produces a variety of bikes which include city, mountain, racing, electric bikes and models for children. The different bikes sell at a variety of price points.

12. Cervelo Cycles-:

This is one of the youngest bicycle brands in the market. It was founded in 1995 in Canada. The manufacturer’s aim is to design the fastest bike in the world. It is not best suited for newbie cyclists and it may not be very good for commuting. The brand has five series of road bike namely the C series, P series, R series, and the T series. None of the series is cheap. The price ranges from $5,000 to $10,000.

13. Pinarello Bike-:

This is an Italian brand that was founded in 1952. It started with the production of handmade bicycles which won its first Giro d’Italia race in 1975. It also won its first Tour de France in 1988. The brand now produces a variety of bikes that include road bikes, mountain bikes, and track bikes. This is a high-end brand that utilizes carbon fiber arranged to provide the best ride characteristics and at the same time maintaining lightweight performance.

14. Colnago Bikes-:

This bike brand is based in Italy. It was founded in Cambiago by Ernesto Colnago in 1952. According to the Telegraph, this is the Ferrari of cycling brands. It has been described as a bike-maker for cycling connoisseurs. This is because many of its high-end models are fully handmade from high-quality components. Colnago’s bike is not budget-sensitive at all. Its prices range from $1,000 to $6,000.

15. Raleigh Bikes-:

Raleigh is one of the oldest bike brands in the industry. It is a British brand founded in 1887. Production and demand for this grow over time, and it is now among the best selling bicycle brands in the market. Currently, the brand produces a mix of road bikes, mountain bikes, and city/commuter bikes. Its pricing is relatively moderate. The low-cost bikes are in the range of $300 to $400 and the high-cost ones are under $3,000.

Bicycles are the most common means of transport around the world. This is due to its economical acquisition and operating costs. The kind of convenience that comes with the use of bikes is comparatively special and it has also contributed to its popularity. The top 15 bike brands described above are some of the best in the market and you will rarely go wrong by selecting from the list the bike brand for your purchase. You can now make your choice with confidence.